Still have Questions?

Note that Matt is unable to take on new clients at the moment

I run this solo practice on my own, but am not far from getting some administrative support to help manage new enquiries.  Psychologist-availability is a problem in Canberra at the moment, particularly for children. If your child is under 5 years old, I highly recommend you invest your resources into a version of Circle of Security Parenting. Families in Mind (Civic) are very reputable. There are other practitioners and NGO’s who also run the two versions of that course.  For older kids, you might have better luck with one of the larger psychology practices in Canberra, or link in with Lee or Gina at Bluegum Bushcraft for nature mentoring ( 

Unfortunately, it has become almost impossible for me to respond to each new enquiry and I apologise wholeheartedly for the frustration that this causes. Your effort to find someone to help you and your child will be rewarded, I am sure. At the moment and for the next few months, however, my books are closed and my waitlist is full. Please check in again periodically. I’d love to be able to help you as soon as I can. My apologies once again.