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Respectful, relational parenting

Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P)

What is the Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) course?

From the moment they are born our children are trying to tell us what they need. Their survival depends on it. How quickly we learn – feeding sound, tired look, playful arms, soiling face. Yet most of us miss the most common signals of them all – the attachment signals. 

COS-P teaches you how to read and respond to the hundreds of tiny, almost imperceptible attachment signals your child sends to you each day. Miss enough of them and your child will have no choice to try harder and harder and harder to get what is needed. We call these attempts “bad behaviour”, “whinging”, 


 Learn how to read and respond to the hundreds of tiny, almost imperceptible attachment signals your child sends you each day. These are your child’s instruction manual. 

How we cope

When we don’t know what it is that is distressing our children we need protect ourselves from the intensity either ignoring it (not noticing that there is a problem), or, by blaming. We can blame our children or we can blame ourselves

Blaming my child

Blaming myself

• “What is wrong with you?”
• “She’s never liked hugs”
• “He has separation anxiety”
• “She’s definitely Daddy’s girl”
• “We’re having him assessed for Oppositional Defiance Disorder”

• “I don’t know what to do with you”
• “I guess I’m not cut out to be a ‘good parent’”
• “I’m sure it’s because I had post-natal depression”
• “I’m too busy”
• “It’s my own fault, I spoiled him”

The problem is that as soon as we engage in blame we are no longer in a state of relationship. There are few stressors as strong as the stress of not feeling like you are in the yoke of a relationship. It only takes a look at your smart phone, or, an unannounced departure from the lounge room for your child’s attachment instinct to stir. Your child is not attention seeking – she is connection seeking.

When we are not in a state of relationship we have set the scene for power battles and they lead to these most bizarre parental strategies:

• Yelling
• Arguing
• Time-outs

• Rewards charts
• Bribing
• Threatening

• Withdrawing privileges
• Lecturing
• Mocking

• Teaching
• Ignoring
• Catastrophising

Do you know any other mammal that raises its young using these inefficient strategies? It would be madness, a massive waste of energy.

Our Mission

Sage Parenting is on a mission to rediscover our natural, efficient frameworks for raising children. Rather than teach, we offer courses that allow you to rediscover your instinct for parenting and that show you how to apply these in your modern-world lives. You’ll also build confidence knowing that you are probably already doing many of the things we will highlight. The research is clear – you do not have to be the “perfect parent” to raise psychologically healthy children. However, you do need to be “good enough” and we can show you how.


Circle of Security Parenting (COS-P)

The Circle of Parenting course (COS-P) is an absolute gem of a course for any parent, parent-to-be or adult who interacts with children aged 0-8 years. It is world renowned and based on over 50 years of scientific research into attachment psychology and neuroscience. It will reintroduce you to your attachment instinct – the one that allows you to feel when you are being held within a safe and secure relationship.

It turns out that the way you interact with your children when they are feeling an emotion strongly influences the way they will deal with their emotions when they are an adult. This is a huge responsibility. Do you know what to do when your child expresses an emotional need? Most parents don’t. Even if they do respond appropriately they rarely know what it is they are doing to achieve this most important role of parenting.

Group Course

course has nothing to do with rewards charts, or time-outs, or positive parenting. It taps into your child’s innate mammalian instinct for connection and cooperation. It bypasses the need for lecturing, or, yelling, or, training. It allows you to enjoy your child and enjoy your role as an adult attachment figure.

vCheck out the short video to get a better idea.

One Course

Two Formats

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If your circumstances allow it we highly recommend that you choose to do the course over eight 1.5 hour sessions. This is the original format of the course and allows for the optimal pace to absorb the material and apply it in your life between sessions. If you have no way of committing to an eight session course then you have the option of committing to a four session course. Each session is double in length – 3 hours per session. The exact same material is covered in both courses. The four session version does not allow for as much time to reflect and apply the theory in your life between sessions. The research indicates that it is this reflection time that leads to the most significant changes in your relationship to your child.

Sage Parenting


The Circle of Security Parenting course (COS-P) is for adults who interact with children aged between 0 and 8 years. Many parents have already benefitted from the instinctive wisdom inherent in this course.

The course is suitable for

Parents, Carers, Grandparents, Teachers, Childcare workers, Babysitters & Healthcare professionals

Circle of Security® Parenting™

Will teach you how to relate to your child so that you can create a nurturing environment that encourages self expression and growth. Do you know the key factors necessary for building self-esteem? Do you know exactly how to support your child through strong emotions such as anger and grief? Circle of Security® Parenting™ takes the guess work out of parenting


If you attend each of the four classes that make up the full circle of security course you will know

Circle of Security® Parenting™ is relationship focused. There are specific ways of interacting with your child’s emotions that are helpful and there are others that are not.  The Circle of Security  You will learn exactly what to do to support your child through any emotion. It’s as easy as following a basic map.

We think we understand that one and one makes two. But to understand “two” you must first understand “and”.    Rumi

  • How to stop and prevent tantrums
  • Why time-outs and controlled crying can be dangerous
  • The best way to motivate your child towards creativity and exploration
  • The most effective and efficient ways to soothe your child when he or she is angry or upset
  • How to read and respond when your child is signalling for you to take charge
  • How to repair the relationship when things go wrong
  • The key ingredients required for your child to grow into a confident, caring adolescent

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