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Circle of Security Parenting™ (COSP)

From the moment they are born children are telling you exactly what they need from you in order to feel safe and secure.  Circle of Security® teaches you how to read and respond to those signals. 

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Full course cost: $440 per person  –  12 hour course divided into four X 3-hour sessions – Dates are yet to be finalised


Proposed dates: 4 X Sunday mornings 9am-12pm. You must be able to attend each session.

28 October, 4 November, 25 November, 2 December

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Welcome to the club

To all parents who sometimes wonder…

 … why some days with our kids are so much harder than others

… why some bed-times or meal-times feel like a lost battle from the start

… how a birthday party can end in tears

… why loving and sharing with siblings or friends just doesn’t always come naturally to our kids

… why drop-offs can sometimes be so sad and at other times easy as pie

… how they have lost an argument with their 2-year old

… what trick to use next time to get their child into the car-seat, wear a hat or sit quietly through their sibling’s school performance

… where the “mute” button is and

… how we’ve ended up with such a clever, beautiful and loving tiny human in our care that just adores us no matter what.

 Welcome to the club!

All parents want the best for their child and all parents find it hard to be their best some of the time.

Laughing father holding baby son

Circle of Security offers a framework, an image and some language that helps us understand what our children are “asking” us at times when their behaviour seems to make no sense and we can find ourselves at our wits end. With the Circle of Security in mind, it is easier to respond to our kids in a confident, effective and kind way that helps the whole family to move through the days and nights more smoothly and with a sense of connection and capacity as a “good enough” parent for our precious children.

A tour of the  Circle of Security® in about 4 minutes

Who are we?

You’re in safe hands with Matt Hynes.

He is trained and experienced in running the intensive version of Circle of Security® (sometimes known as the 20 week intensive course). The intensive version requires:

Intensive training,

Intensive supervision, and

Intensive experience (more than two years!)

It’s… intense.

Not many COSP facilitators are accredited at the intensive level.

You get the benefit of all this training and experience when you join our shorter, 12-hour version of Circle of Security®, COSP.

What happens in a session?

Each of the four sessions is a combination of learning, reflecting and experiencing.

You will arrive to be greeted by a homely space, adorned with comfortable leather couches and posture-friendly chairs. There will be as many as seven other adults in the room, never more. They will all be feeling just as nervous as you on that first occasion. Your facilitator (either Sabine or Matt) will spend time checking in with you and making you feel welcome. They will honour the effort it took for you to arrive on time and to organise your weekend so that you are able to devote three hours of your precious time for the benefit of your little boy or girl. Surely, there can be no greater gift.

The course is a balance of:

1.  Introducing you to the underlying attachment pattern of all children (the subtle signals that you need to read and respond to in order to fulfil their attachment needs).

2. Showing you video clips of real parents reading and responding to their children – and what happens to behaviour when they do not respond appropriately.

3. Allowing you space to reflect on what you have learnt and seen. Inviting you to imagine how you can apply the principles to your own life with your own child.

4.  Holding you in the safety of a secure relationship with the facilitator. Your own attachment needs will be held and respected as you journey through the course.  You will experience the type of relationship that we would want your child to be able to experience with you.  This is actually  where the real  learning happens – where it becomes embodied. You will feel it in your bones.

You cannot get this from a book!


Circle of Security® Parenting (COSP) is a 12 hour course run over four 3-hour sessions (approximately one every two weeks). It is for anyone who looks after a child 0-8 years old. Children do not attend the course. There is a maximum of 8 people in the course and everything kept is strictly confidential.